Category: Wildlife

Kalesar National Park; Game Territory of Mughals

It was in mid-January of 2013 when I first got a chance to visit the Kalesar National Park situated in the terai region of eastern Haryana. Although the visit chanced upon at a time when winters were peaking but fortunately…

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Rhesus Macaque

Rhesus Macaque Local Name: Bandar Distribution: Widely distributed across South, Central and Southeast Asia; inhabit a great variety of habitats from grasslands to arid and forested areas, but also close to human settlements Conservation Status: Common Location: Sultanpur National Park,…

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Common Pigeon

Common Pigeon (Rock Dove/ Feral, Rock, Blue Rock Pigeon); 33 cm Local Name: Kabutar Distribution: Widespread resident; unrecorded in parts of NW and NE subcontinent. Also occurs in Europe, Africa, W and E Asia Conservation Status: Common Location: village Shamlo…

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Grey Bushchat

Grey Bushchat (F); 15 cm Local Name: Jhaari Pidda Distribution: Resident. Breeds in Himalayas and NE Indian hills; winters south to N Indian plains. Also occurs in China and SE Asia. Conservation Status: Common Location: Sarahan, Himachal Pradesh, Apr 2012

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Grey-hooded Warbler

Grey-hooded Warbler; 10 cm Local Name: Saleti-sir Keet Fuddki Distribution: Resident. Himalayas and NE Indian hills. Also occurs in Myanmar Conservation Status: Common Location: Village Chindi, Himachal Pradesh, June 2012

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