Kinnaur Diary; The unceasing charm of Baspa Valley

As I began to recollect my experiences based on my visits to the spectacularly beautiful Baspa Valley, I felt that a wholesome travel-post on this activity-rich area would warrant a longish description. To make the reading more meaningful, I now…

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Shimla Diary; The splendid vistas of Thanadhar

Before last year, I got a chance to visit Thanadhar, the upper sidearm of the fertile and scenic Kotgarh Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Although interlinked and part of the same valley, the road to the settlement of Thanadhar branches off…

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Shimla Diary; The misty hillside of Kotgarh

My most recent trip to Kotgarh Valley came as a sweet surprise and just as the previous one to the region, was a totally unplanned one. The unavailability of a suitable accommodation at Narkanda, while on a family-trip last monsoon,…

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Mooning with the Highway to Tibet

The following is a page entry from On Road through the trans-Himalayas. To read complete travel memoirs and trip report, please visit here. Chapter 3 of 22 Previous Post                       …

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