Dodra Kwar Diary: The Devtantra at Dodra

I pull up one of the spare chairs in the small patch of grass in the courtyard of the Forest Rest House at Dodra (2564m). The intriguing folkways of Kwar still occupy my mind. For me, there is a fresh excitement related…

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Dodra Kwar Diary: Temples of Pujarli

Already high from the impact of the raw folkways of Kwar, I was back at my room in the afternoon. The village was briefly blanketed by a cloud of mist in the morning today. Now with the clouds having boiled…

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Kinnaur Diary; The unceasing charm of Baspa Valley

As I began to recollect my experiences based on my visits to the spectacularly beautiful Baspa Valley, I felt that a wholesome travel-post on this activity-rich area would warrant a longish description. To make the reading more meaningful, I now…

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Postscript to my trans-Himalayan Stroll

The following is a page entry from On Road through the trans-Himalayan Region. To read complete travel memoirs and trip report, please visit here. Chapter 22 of 22 Previous Chapter The following morning, I chose to ignore the otherwise routine morning activities, which…

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Brush with The Malling

The following is a page entry from On Road through the trans-Himalayas. To read complete travel memoirs and trip report, please visit here. Chapter 5 of 22 Previous Post                       …

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