Travel with bNomadic

Let bNomadic be your travel companion and guide in the Himalayas!

At bNomadic; as the name connotes; to wander and momentarily be one with a particular region only to wander again. Even I have a history of traveling at the mere strike of a brainwave. I cherish and long-for the definitive excitement and worth of hitting the road or a trail with nothing else to lead but the wandering instinct.

Having said that, I also understand the value-addition an experienced and knowledgeable travel guide can offer.

The bNomadic advantage!

Forever addicted to the Himalayas as well as its flora and fauna, I travel a lot! If your crowd of co-travellers and travel plan are of any particular interest to me, I could agree to be your personal Travel Guide.

Not just a human GPS or a cultural, wildlife, geographical information repertoire, I can even double up as your personal photographer, and if the need arises, a driver as well! Gained over more than the past decade, my experience might save your precious little travel time.

I can help you in planning and organizing extended stays; relating with the historical and cultural values; designing meaningful adventure; overcoming the language barriers; risk-free hiking and trekking; identifying wildlife and appreciating nature without having to bother much about logistics of travel. Allow me to customise an itinerary and plan a travel for you!

Please send us an email at or fill up the Contact Us form here.

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