Collaborate with bNomadic

At bNomadic, I am committed to provide unbiased information to the blog’s reader-base. My writings focus on providing accurate, researched and unprejudiced analysis of my experience pertaining to a destination or an adventure in the form of a feature, journal, visuals, drawings as well as travel tips.

In keeping with the aforesaid commitment, the website as well as travels of bNomadic is open to ethical publicity. Within the realm of travel and wanderlust, I am open to anything that sounds fascinating, creative, adventurous or challenging. I am open to advertisements and promotional activities on my website and travels, participation in FAM trips, blogger visits, property/ book/ gadget reviews as well as sponsored events. But no guest posts or subtle link sharing is accepted.

Apart from that here is our nitty gritty on what I could do for you

  • Travel Writing and Editing for publications including magazines, travel-guides, coffee table books, online platforms, brochures, catalogues and other marketing collaterals, etc.
  • In addition to Content Management, helping you with social media campaigns and other promotional activities related to your property, destination, book or gadget, etc.
  • Campaign Management on social media such as forum moderation, website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube as well as creatives
  • Travel and Property Photography
  • Be your professional guide to the Himalayas.
  • What’s more! I can even guide you in organising your travels
  • And above all, I am forever ready and motivated to try out anything new and relevant. So let’s get started!

Within the above dimension, if you are looking to advertise or promote your proposition with me and wish to know more please send me an email at or fill up the Contact Us form here.

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