White-throated Kingfisher

White-throated Kingfisher (White-breasted); 28 cm Local Name: Safed Chhati Kilkila Distribution: Abundant breeding resident throughout lowland parts of region. Conservation Status: Common Location: Bhambhewa Wetlands, Jind, Dec 2011

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Comb Duck

Comb Duck (Knob-billed Goose); 56-76 cm Local Name: Nakta Distribution: Common breeding resident throughout. Also occurs in Africa, China and S America Conservation Status: Fairly Common Location: Village Gatauli, Jind, Haryana, Dec 2011

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Black-necked Stork, Sultanpur, Dec 2011

Black-necked Stork, Sultanpur, Dec 2011

Black-necked Stork; 129-150 cm
Local Name: Loharjung
Distribution: Increasingly rare breeding resident throughout Indian lowlands. Also occurs in SE Asia and Australia
Conservation Status: Near-threatened. Close to being vulnerable
Location: Sultanpur National Park, Dec 2011

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