The oldest surviving Monastery of Ladakh

The following is a page entry from On Road through the trans-Himalayan Region. To read complete travel memoirs and trip report, please visit here. Chapter 13 of 22 …Returning from the market, we almost got lost in the narrow lanes…

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On Road through the trans-Himalayan Region

This is an account of three heavenly weeks spent in the midst of some of the magnanimous and most beautiful mountains of the world located in the trans-Himalayan region. The description – from Shimla-Kinnaur-Spiti-Lahaul-Ladakh-Kargil-Zanskar-Dras-Kashmir-Jammu – is supported by anecdotes, colourful…

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Hathni Kund Barrage – A lesser-known bird watching destination

During one of my recent visits to the Kalesar National Park, Haryana’s only Sal forest, I finally got an opportunity to visit the famed Hathni Kund barrage on the Yamuna River. Although, I had crisscrossed the barrage as well as…

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Extant Suthar community of Bassi

The haveli, in Bassi village, where we stayed the previous night (winters of 2010) belonged to a family of Rajputs who were descendants of a Senapati, in the army of Mewars. The haveli, especially the interiors, were tastefully renovated that…

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