Gadget and Gear Talk: Sandisk Sansa Clip+ Music player and Yuin Pk3 earphones

For me, travel and music are conjointly associated. Notwithstanding the mode of travel, good music always accompanies me. Long after a trip gets over, each track transports me back to relive that particular experience. My preferred music that accompanied me through various travels or journeys is still with me, cherished with memories like a self-enacted movie song, almost. Figuratively speaking, music not only relieves you of transit boredom or eases off your jetlag but might help you in connecting with people on the move. The therapeutic effect of music, as I have discovered, phenomenally multiplies the delight of travel.

Here’s a sneak preview of my travel music bundle

Here’s a sneak preview of my travel music portable bundle. A Case Logic hard case, Sansa Clip+, Silicone Cover, Micro SD card along with an adapter, Wall charger, Yuin Pk3 earbuds and mini USB B type palm wire

I habitually take a relook at my music before setting out on a trip and try to add newer varieties or dimensions to it. In addition to the content, I am particularly selective about the quality of electronic devices I have including the music player and the speaker set. And when it comes to a portable mp3 player, the Sandisk’s Sansa Clip + continues to be my favourite for a long time now. Paired with just the right earplugs – which for me are Yuin’s Pk3 – it can indeed stoke that spark of wanderlust inside you into a warm bonfire.

Quite frankly, it is not very often when one comes across a device or a gadget which is hard to be disregarded. Both the Sandisk Sansa Clip+ as well as the Yuin manufactured Pk3 earplugs are such gems. Having previously used an iPod classic as well as a Sony NW along with a variety of headphones, this pocket friendly bundle proved to be my favourite for many noticeable reasons including its rich sound, reasonable pricing, user friendliness, expandability of memory up to 32GB, digital FM radio and voice recording feature along with just an adequate OLED display. The dedicated volume control panel placed on the left bar comes very handy while trekking. Initially, I bought this device as it allowed its user to easily delete a song without even having to connect it with a computer but its filling sound clearly won me over. 😉

Even though, the Sansa Clip+ could be paired with generic headphones, I would suggest an ear-friendly as well as an audiophile quality alternative – Yuin Pk3 earplugs. Having used the bundle for more than three years now, I’d say that these are the perfect accessory – on the go – for this tiny player. The combination ensures excellent full-bodied detailed sound, at a wider soundstage, than most similarly to doubly priced options.

Sansa Clip+

Sansa Clip+

The Sansa Clip+ player could be fully charged in less than 3hrs through its USB mini B type port either using a wall charger or your laptop or your portable power bank. The running time of more than 12hrs, when paired with Pk3, on a single charge of the built-in rechargeable battery suits most travel needs. In addition to its tiny size, what I like the most about this player is its capacity to produce detailed sound from a wide variety of formats including MP3, WMA, secure WMA and even FLAC, etc.

Not just for travelling, the lightweight player works to be an ideal option for exercising or your gymming music needs as the player could be belt-clipped directly onto your clothing or backpack. The simple, intuitive interface lets you scroll through your library with ease and is extremely friendly to use. It comes with inbuilt capacity options of 2GB, 4GB and 8GB and is expandable up to 32GB. The 2GB+32GB capacity of my player stores approximately 5,000 mp3 songs along with a few FLAC files.

Yuin Pk3

Yuin Pk3

As for the earphones, when it comes to the sound quality the company supplied (or even the ones supplied by the likes of Apple, Sony, etc.) leaves a whole lot to be desired and that is where the Yuin Pk3 offers bigger bang for the buck. The low impedance non-isolating sonic character of these earbuds works best for on-the-go personal music needs. Give them a few trips time to allow a burn in and use it with the supplied foam eartips to expect gem of a sound in return.

Experientially speaking, Sansa Clip+ and Yuin Pk3 is an ideal inexpensive little travel bundle and won’t be noticeable on a street like some fruity players do. Of course it neither support videos nor can hold your entire music collection but with your select compilation, it beats the competition hands down. The bundle, an ideal gadgetry for personal music, can currently be assembled under 6K at

4 Comments on “Gadget and Gear Talk: Sandisk Sansa Clip+ Music player and Yuin Pk3 earphones

  1. Hello bNomadic.

    Since you’re posting about electronics and gear, I’d like to ask a question, please. Are you traveling with a laptop, and if so, what are you using for security. Are you using an anti-theft software, or any other type of security software? Are you storing files only to the cloud and not locally, or are you doing something else to protect your data … and how do you keep someone who might have stolen your laptop from accessing online files?

    I’m curious if you see much of an issue in your travels.

    Thanks in advance. I enjoy your blog.


    • Hi Jeff. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I very rarely opt to travel with my personal laptop for a few very obvious reasons. Security is definitely the chief concern. Even I’d want to know the best possible solution to this. Regards,

  2. Very nice blog. I see that it has a built-in battery. Anyway, that when that goes dead an external battery can be used?

    • Have been using mine for over four years now. Have not felt the need, so far, to get the battery replaced.

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